PRISM Compliance Management (PCM), a division of Early Morning Software, Inc., is a Thought Leader in the areas of Supplier Diversity and Compliance Management. With more than seventeen years of practical and consultative experience, our flag-ship product (PRISM) has become an industry standard for diversity management, spend analysis, and reporting (including ARRA spend analysis) in both the public and private sectors.
PRISM is a secure, web-based portal that tracks your organization's spend while producing your corporate, ARRA, Federal, State, and Local program reports. PRISM’s flexible configuration facilitates both Private, Federal, and custom diversity program management.

Use PRISM to set realistic goals while monitoring compliance on construction, professional services and port concessions.

Provide accurate and timely reports to your executives and the vendor community while greatly improving transparency in your diversity programs.

The PRISM Productivity Centers provide a vehicle for vendor outreach, electronic document retention, and site visits. Displace hours spent entering data by allowing your vendors to submit their periodic compliance reports and certified payroll securely over the web.

PRISM has a modular platform, allowing you to add and remove functionality as you need. PRISM’s modules track and manage vendors, contracts, certifications, insurance, payments, complaints, self registration, outreach, affirmative action plans, and certified payroll.

Everyone always asks, why the name Prism?

A Prism is a special type of glass known as an isotope. When light shines through it, it produces a magnificent band of colors. Scientists use the light produced by a prism to reveal things about an object that can’t be seen with the naked eye. We hope that PRISM will reveal things about your contract compliance that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

In August of 2013 Early Morning Software (EMS) celebrated its 20th year of operation.  As a company EMS has evolved from

“Just give us the opportunity to show you what can do” to “Safe bet guaranteed results.” 

The irony of this is striking and satisfying for EMS founders Donna Stevenson and Cecil Robinson who started their respective careers with IBM and AT&T Bell Labs.  EMS’ longevity is not just a bland number.  It represents a combination of all the elements that one looks for innovation, thought leadership, reliability, and quality combined with comforting size, client diversity, profitability, and sustainability.  As part of the celebration of the company’s founding Donna and Cecil had the following inscribed on the cake

It has The vision of Early Morning Software Inc. (EMS) founders’, was to create a small and highly effective research laboratory dedicated to customer service, innovation, and its personnel. Providing software research on a limited part-time basis, EMS engineer’s reputation quickly spread throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Today, EMS is recognized as a premier Information Technology firm. EMS has proven its ability to provide technological leadership in the engineering and delivery of today’s most demanding scientific and business solutions.

The EMS management team is committed to employing leadership and quality initiatives to ensure a high-level of customer satisfaction. EMS has satisfied customers in three diversified vertical markets: Government (State and Local), Healthcare, and Education. Over the last 17 years EMS has experienced repeat business from 90% of our customers. Our current clients include the State of Maryland, Maryland Department of Transportation,Center for Medicare & Medicaid services, Baltimore County Public Schools, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Morgan State University, and the Department of Defense.


EMS Wins…University of Maryland Medical System UMMS
The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) has selected Early Morning Software’s PRISM Compliance Management system to further its goals of minority business inclusion. read more

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Case Studies

North Texas Tollway Authority vendors love PRISM for its ease of use. PRISM brings the Vendor Roll-out Kit to Plano and blows away vendors with the fast and easy subcontractor payment reporting. read more

Housing Authority of Baltimore City
expands its Divesity Inclusion program by automating Section 3 Business Certification using PRISM. Likewise, HABC targets workforce. read more

University of Maryland Medical System
Like many hospitals UMMS is increasing its commitment to minority business inclusion. The goal of this commitment is to identify its expenditures with certified minority and women owned business enterprises.
read more