Contract Management Tracking

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Categorize contracts by user department, industry classification, funding, personnel (buyer, specialist, project manager), D/M/WBE Goal Type and more.

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Detailed contract profiles let you plan for contract renewals and terminations; track the original contract award and change orders to reflect contract value; manage all subcontractor participation as well as the D/M/WBE subcontractor goals and actual prime commitments.

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Perform spend analysis by certification type, contract type, funding source, department.

Determine attainment by contract award, contract value and prime payments for year to date and life of contract.

Manage all waivers, perform site visits and maintain history of complaints.

Contract Reporting

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Generate dashboards and reports Track participation on various contract types such as capital construction, commodities, small procurement, and credit card.

Web-based tools capture prime sub payment and non-payment reports; outstanding sub payments and invoices; and subcontractor plan modifications.

Produce Contract Award and Spend reports to determine prime commitments and monitor utilization of primes and subs. Generate Compliance Exception and Deliquency reports.

Create compliant reporting for federal agencies such as US DOT, US DOL, and US HUD.

Contract Performance

Contract event driven alerts notify users to non-compliance, while users capture Contractors’ Performance by across a variety of Scorecards and Criteria – Sub Plan, Good Faith Effort, Commercially Useful Function, D/M/WBE Attainment by Contract Commitment, and Contract Close-out.

Additional key features

  • Capture a contract profile for every procurement.
  • List change orders, status and reasoning for S/W/M/DBE participation or the lack thereof.
  • Manage Master and Blanket Order Agreement and aggregate Contracts by Projects.